Project Plan : Downstairs Front Room


This is my first attempt at a project plan. We will compare the actual progress to the schedule as we go to see how the reality compares to our estimates to better inform our future plans.

Project plan : Downstairs Front Room

Proposal : Hemp Lime bio-aggregate cast onto original brickwork.

Principle : Energy retrofitting the traditional thermal envelope

Design : Removal of existing layer and clean surface for effective bond

Dimensions :

Front Wall :
Left    660mm + 270mm =     930mm
Right 630mm + 290mm =     920mm
Area = (0.93 + 0.92) x 2.9 = 5.365m2

Window :
Below 650mm + 1070mm + 610mm = 2330mm
Area = 2.33m x 0.97 = 2.26m2

Alcove :
Area = 0.97 x 2.9 = 2.813m2

Total Area = 10.438m2

Front Wall & Window = 7.625m2 = 763dm
Volume : 763dm x 1 = 763 litres @ 100mm thick
Alcove = 2.813m2 = 282dm
Volume : 282dm x 0.5 = 141 litres @ 50mm thick

Total volume : 763 + 141 = 904 litres + 10% contingency = 994 litres

Materials :

Hemp shiv to Lime binder ratio 1:1
994 litres / 180 litres per bale = 5.5244 bales/bags
6 bags & bales required

Timber for dochens :
approx. 65 (?) dochens @ 0.25m long = 16.25m (or ~4m of 150x22mm boards)
(Wickes Whitewood PSE 18 x 144 x 3600mm £12.45)

Shuttering Ply :
Height : 45cm (5 courses of brick)
Width : 110cm, 3x100cm, 2 x 66cm
Single Wisa WBP Plywood 18mm (?)

Timber for window surround :
Length : 66cm, 120cm, 66cm, 190cm, 190cm = 632cm total length
Width : 16cm
Depth : 25mm

Timber for windowsill :
Length 83cm, 110cm, 83cm
Width : 19cm
Depth : 32mm
1 x scaffold board (?) £16


Day 0 – Research & consultation
Attend Neighbourhood Construction Bio-Aggregate workshop
5 hour consultation
Quantify and produce project plan & schedule

Day 1 – Clear room (Fri 11th Nov)
Remove excess plaster, cornicing & picture rail (bolster chisel, lump hammer)
Brush wall down (wire brush, dust masks)

Day 2 – Ceiling & Floor preparation (Sun 13th)
Cut back plasterboard 100mm from brick line (fein multi master?)
Cut back floorboards 100mm from brick line (circular saw?)
Lift floorboards (nail puller? floorboard lifter?)
Clear detritus from under floor (rubble bags, shovel)
Support joists in bay window & southwest corner (screws, nails, 2×4?)

Day 3 – Woodwork preparation (Tuesday 15th)
Draft proof window (expanding foam)
Cut dochens, shuttering ply, window surrounds (saw coping/hardpoint)
Attach window surrounds
Drill holes for dochens & hammer in (drill, drill bit (what size & depth?) (?)
Specific dochens for : picture rail, shelves, skirting board, windowsill (?) TV (?)
Insulate bay roof (?)
Fit electrical back box & conduit in alcove (?) on dochens? baton on wall?

Day 4 – Procurement (Thurs 17th)
Collect borrowed equipment (e.g. mixer)
Buy outstanding materials/tools
Food & drink

Day 5 & 6 – Mix & Cast (Fri 18th, Saturday 19th)
Clean wall & spray with water (vacuum, garden sprayer)
Apply shuttering (spax screws, impact driver)
Mix bio-aggregate hemp lime (tombola mixer, blanket gasket, stanley knife, bread knife, 6x 5L containers, tarp, mask, gloves, spade, trowel, eyewash, barrier cream, vinegar)
Transport to room & cast (3 x recycling boxes, S-hooks, pokey sticks)
Day 5 : Front wall up to window : ~405 litres or 4.5 mixes , or 13.5 boxes. So 5 mixes / 15 boxes should get us just above windowsill (rest of mix is 589 litres)
Day 6 : Finish rest of front wall, alcove & top of window.

Day 7 & 8 – Basecoat Plaster Application

Day 9 – Topcoat Plaster Application

Day 10 – Refit cornice, skirting boards, picture rail etc

Day 11 – Paper

Day 12 – Paint

Other Days – to be added in?
research wood stove
acquire hearth, stove, flue, fuel (!)
lay hearth, fit flue
install stove
sand / wax floorboards
fit radiator

Tools :

Already have :
Laser level
Circular saw
Drill & drill bit (what size for dochens & to what depth) (?)
Impact driver & suitable bit for spax screws
Bolster chisel
Lump hammer
Axe (sharpen)
Large Chisel
Wire brush
General Tools: Pencil, tape measure, hammers, pincers, screwdriver, etc.
Coping saw
Hardpoint saw
Stanley knife
Bread knife
Rubble bags
Shovel (collect from Ian’s storage)
Expanding foam gun and refill
6x 5L containers
Step Ladder
Broom, mop & bucket
S-hooks (dig out from in kitchen storage box!)
Water sprayer
Moving blankets (for mixer gasket)
PPE : Dust masks x 2, goggles, nitrile gloves, general purpose gloves, vinegar, kneepads,  towels, bucket of water

Already bought :
Dust mask filters £7.99 x 2
Nail Punch(es) £7.17
duct tape £2.48
Floorboard lifter tool £19.12
Tarp £7.82
Cotton Gloves £1.89
18” Fan £39.99

To borrow or buy :
Bahco nail puller
Fein multi master
Tombola mixer, stand, bungee & ratchet strap
3 x recycling boxes
Pokey sticks (check if bamboo in garden is thin enough)
Floats, hawks & trowels

Buy (definite) :
Oval Nails and Square brads
Spax screws (Size?) & suitable impact bits
Rubble Bags
Gloves : gauntlet type
barrier cream (make from beeswax and jojoba)
Fans (collect two from Ian’s storage locker) & buy one more?

Buy materials :
back box & conduit? (screwfix)
Hardboard to protect floor? (jewsons?)
2×4 for joist support
Window surround stock
Windowsill stock (Wood Recycling Project)
Dochen Stock (some from loft. Redwood or whitewood?)
Plywood : 1x Wisa WBP Plywood 18 x 1220 x 2440mm (James Latham – Yate)

Collect from Ian’s storage : clothes, boots, fans & shovel




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