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Hempcrete Downstairs Front Room Install Audit Nov 2016


Fri 11th (Day 1)

Intended : Empty room, remove plaster, coving & picture rail, brush/clean brick walls

Achieved : Emptied room, purchased amazon items

Sat 12th

Intended : nothing

Achieved : Removed plaster, cornice & picture rail. Visited Simon & collected Fein multimaster & bahco nail puller.

Sun 13th (Day 2)

Intended : Trim back floor & ceiling, lift floorboards, clear detritus from underfloor, fix joists in bay window

Achieved : Wire brushed & vacuumed brick walls. Trimmed floorboards 100mm back. Major joist repair needed – decided to complete at later stage.

Mon 14th

Intended : nothing

Achieved : Simon visit (2-3hrs). Lifted half of floorboards, removed nails & cleared detritus. Collected items from storage.

Tue 15th (Day 3)

Intended : Draft proof window, insulate bay window roof, build window surrounds, cut, fix & trim dochens.

Achieved : Purchased wood from Bishopston Hardware. (£50.50). Drilled walls in diamond patter every three courses. Made & hammered in some dochens.

Wed 16th

Intended : nothing

Achieved : Bought food. More dochens, window surrounds & external corner bead on one side. Put back lobby door & fixed frame so it can shut. S.Heckford rang regarding re-roof – deferred.

Thurs 17th (Day 4)

Intended : Buy materials, supplies & food, collect borrowed tools (procurement)

Achieved : Removed windows, Reciprocating saw to cut screws & remove wood batons (metal blade) Refitted windows using expanding foam gun & wedges. Bought extra hardware from Screwfix & more expanding foam.  Finished window surrounds

Fri 18th

Intended : Cast wall up to window

Achieved : Collected mixer & bio-aggregate equipment from Simon’s and 1bag each of hemp & binder. Detritus cleared from edges of room under floorboards in preparation for first mix of hempcrete to sit on stepped foundation below floor level. Termporarily supported & replaced rotten floorboards in corner. Set up room.

Sat 19th

Intended : Cast alcove & top of window.

Achieved : Simon arrived with rest of materials (£300) Cut shuttering, attached shelving batons & right external corner bead. David arrived in afternoon. Cast about 45cm up wall (plus underfloor void).  Placed milk carton in air brick (to be removed later) to support hempcrete whilst preventing blockage. 2/3 mixes (or 1.5 bags) Bathroom ceiling collapse during the night.

Sun 20th

Intended : Open day. Ian away rehearsing

Achieved : David incredibly kindly cleared bathroom debris (I was exhausted after lack of sleep & state of shock!) Cast up to windowsill in bay with Ian, Simon & myself. (got shuttering to top, then worked sideways with float to achieve flat surface) Got just over 1/3 of the way up windows. 2/3 mixes. (or 1.5 bags)

Mon 21st – Wed 23rd

Plastering workshop

Thurs 24th

Filled in mullions & up to top of window 2/3 mixes?

Fri 25th

Filled in top section. Very slow & awkward working above our heads & sideways. Had 1 box left over (30 litres or so). Filled in hole in partition wall through to hallway, created some ‘weedabrix’ 😉 Can practice on them to see how difficult it is to cut/chase it out once set. 2/3 mixes? Used all 6 bags in total with some to spare.

In total – the preparation and casting of the wall took us 11 days rather than the predicted 6 days. This would likely take substantially less time with more experienced practitioners.


Front Room Costs between 25:10:2016 - 25:11:2016a.jpg(Plus labour & food costs)


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