Downstairs Front Room : Progress as of 13/11/2016


Friday 11th November :

  • Cleared room
  • Photographed items to sell on ebay
  • Purchased from Amazon (total £107.39) :
    • Dust mask filters £7.99 x 2
    • Nail Punch(es) £7.17
    • Duct tape £2.48
    • Floorboard lifter tool £19.12
    • Tarp £7.82
    • Cotton Gloves £1.89
    • 18” Fan £39.99
    • Water sprayer 1.25l £12.94

Saturday 12th :

  • Collected Fein Multimaster & Bahco 38 nail puller
  • Removed cornice & picture rail carefully. Some cornice cracked on removal.

Sunday 13th :

  • Purchased from Screwfix (total £31.76) :
    • Gauntlets £2.79 x 2
    • Rubble sacks  £5
    • Spax 5 x 50mm £12
    • Oval nails 50mm £4.69
    • Cold chisel £4.49
  • Rest of plaster removed
  • Walls brushed down with wire brush and vacuumed
  • Floor cut back 100mm from brick line of front wall


Thoughts :

Floor is in bad condition with joists completely rotten in places. Entire floor bounces in the bay and south-west corner, only propped up by the detritus! We plan to lift floorboards on Monday 14th  & clear detritus to further ascertain how best to repair things. Likely to need more extensive joist repair than expected.


Have not yet cut back ceiling plasterboard 100mm with Fein Multimaster.

Bay roof will need insulating, will need to decide best method & buy supplies

Vacuum needs attention – suction is poor. Clean and dry filters asap.

Need to buy :

  • Chalk to mark things better!
  • Eyewash
  • Plasters

Monday 14th Plan :

  • Write blog posts to update progress
  • Move mirrors (into hallway or in front of fireplace on top of hearth)
  • Move table onto boards that wont be lifted
  • Lift floorboards
  • Decide what wood to buy on Tuesday 15th (Bishopston Hardware & James Latham for WISA plywood? Could get ply from Simon)



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