Loft Conversion – Design Inspiration

Light and shade – exposed beams

This could add an interesting texture and feature to an area that will be more of a dominant visual component due to the lower height of the roof. It will break up the light skimming across the surface of the ceiling.

Velux balcony


Small dormer with overhanging roof makes it much more attractive than the basic box
From original model of the house – small ‘half’ dormer – could this instead be a mansard?

Mansard roof

This conversion fits a lot in what seems like a small space (including compact shower room shown below)


Light spilling down from overhead rooflight (probably on south facing pitch), ability to retain over-stairs ceiling airer on 1st floor landing if possible.

Loft Shower Room

Would be highly beneficial to have more than one shower in the house & for loft room to be a compact master suite. This would add value that might more justify the cost of converting the loft.

Compact shower room under front pitch of roof

Toilet is under pitched section of roof, utilising extra head height created by placement of the rooflight

Other possibilities…

Mezzanine hammock! Probably not allowed by building control… but could have mini-one for a cat!

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