A damp little house in Easton, Bristol. In the same family for generations. Once loved but time and neglect have taken their toll. This blog will be a place to document the process of nursing this building back to health, transforming the space into a warm, bright comfortable home.

I plan to use sustainable, healthy, natural materials and practices that are good for both the house, the wider environment and its occupants. I want to be sensitive to how the house was originally designed and constructed, whilst adapting it to modern living.

It feels important not only to improve the house as a home for myself, but also to keep in mind a long term view that considers the potential needs of future occupants. This desire stems from an interest in permaculture, holistic systems thinking and a belief in the principal of leaving things better than you found them.

In todays world of short term thinking and throwaway culture, we have lost many traditional skills. Much of the reasoning behind the form and function of structures that surround us has been forgotten. I find myself fascinated with the process of rediscovering these methodologies, understanding the science behind them.

The process of restoring the building will hopefully be an empowering journey that expands my own skillset, whilst learning from and sharing with others.